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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - 8.7”-15.7” - Black

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    • Easy to Read: Full automatic blood pressure monitor and one-button operation, providing you with blood pressure value, including irregular heartbeat. 
    • Backlight Display: Clearly display with a backlight easily shows you the readings and offers a convenient measurement at night.
    • 120 Memory x 2 Users Mode: BP machine supports independent dual users, each user can record up to 120 memory sets. Memory readings with specific time and date.
    • Comfortable Wide Range Cuff: 8.7"-15.7" adjustable and soft wide range cuff is designed for a more comfortable measurement and better user experience. 
    • What You Get: 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x Cuff, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x Quick Start Guide, 1 x USB Cable, and 1 x Storage Bag.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great purchase; easy to use!!

    I’m not sure about accuracy bc I don’t have a way to measure that but I don’t have any reason not believe it isn’t accurate either. It’s very easy to read and use. A few tips:Sit comfortably but do not cross your legsHave a table or pillow under the arm you have the cuff around to keep your arm comfortable and so that the cuff is at around the same level as your heart.The device plays spa like music on a loop when it starts the measurement process which I think is funny but very thoughtful of the manufacturer to try and make it as relaxing a process as usual.At the end of the measurement the device “speaks” your result and states whether the reading is normal, high or low according to the World Health Organization. It’s pretty loud in my device so if you don’t want to announce your blood pressure readings to the whole household, check the volume!Overall very happy with this purchase!

    Works well - hope it lasts long term.

    Easy to use, fits my large arm, glad there is a setting to shut it up. Old guy hard of hearing and weak breathy digital female voice doesnt work for me.Be aware it doesn't remember that "voice off" setting if you are using usb cable (instead of batteries) and unplug the usb cable-- so you have to finger/key the sequence to mute every time you plug in the usb to take a reading. If you use batteries instead of usb cable you will not have a problem.Good thing it works well, because I was incensed about the $15 gift card and extended warranty in exchange for a picture of good review emailed to them within 14 days which explains the large number of positive reviews. Yes I am now one of them too - but I am telling the truth - about everything - so far works well --- even better muted.

    You will be pleased it's Simple, fast, durable, accurate and well worth it for such a small price.

    I bought this product to keep a close eye on my blood pressure especially in light of recent pandemic issues. This monitor is so simple to use. It has quick set-up instructions. and only takes a couple of minutes to set date/time/yr. power supplied by 4 AAA batteries (not included) or a USB cord (included) that connects to a 5.V adapter I use my phone charger. The helpful but irritating voice and music can be instantly muted by the touch of a button. It only takes about a minute to get a reading and I did several and compaired them to each other and another BP monitor and it was on point everytime. The cuff fit very well with room to spare and it is a very durable little machine that comes with it's own travel pouch for on the go. I received it within a couple days of ordering it and I was pleasantly surprised by this product especially for the price and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an affordable, portable, accurate BP monitor. 5 stars.

    Accurate and reliable, easy to use

    I am very pleased with this device! I was recently diagnosed with having high blood pressure while at my physical. I tend to get very anxious at the doctors office and felt that my blood pressure was probably lower when at home and not so nervous. The doctor recommended monitoring and recording my readings at home for comparison. I was researching different products that I can use to monitor my blood pressure at home. There are obviously many different products available and looking at the reviews for each showed that this type of device can suffer from being inaccurate, which defeats the purpose of having a blood pressure measurement device at home. While this product does not have very many reviews, every single one is 5 stars. That sort of consistency of satisfaction is what lead me to purchase the Beegod B22 Blood Pressure Monitor. It is very easy to use, has the ability to track two different users. It keeps the measurements recorded on the device and is easy to review. Setup is very simple and the instructions are very robust and even provide helpful information and insight into what the monitor is showing. You should always take your at home blood pressure monitor with you to your doctors office to test its accuracy against their blood pressure equipment. I did that with this and they both read the same values (within a few numbers, which the doctors said was acceptable). (I am not a medical professional. You should defer to your doctors own evaluations of such matters.) I highly recommend this device. To your good health! Cheers!


    I wanted a blood pressure machine that was gonna be easy to read and not only that but this one is actually good for people that cannot see it because it has a button on here that has a voice that says what the what the pressure is and if it’s high or low rent danger and you can either turn it on or off so I turned it off because I didn’t want to hear it all the time as I can read it it’s a big black screen with big blue letters on it it’s pretty accurate it doesn’t give me air all the time I’m very very happy with itAlso two people can use it and it records both of their blood pressure’s so there’s a and then there’s me so I’m only one one person so it’s a but it’s been really really cool for the money

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