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Fitness Tracker - Pink

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    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitors your heart rate all day with a graph in the app, allowing you to better understand your rest heart rate and heart rate while working out.
    • Quantification of Movements: Records your steps, calories burned, miles walked, active minutes, and more.
    • Sleep Tracking: Tracks your deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-sleep so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of your sleep quality.
    • Intelligent Reminder: Vibrates to notify you of incoming calls and messages; reminds you to move after periods of inactivity and important dates, helping you stay connected.
    • Build-in USB Charging: Gently pull bands off the tracker host and insert the built-in USB plug into a USB port for charging; 1-2 hours charging allows up to 5 days of use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great sub for Fitbit, excellent device, needs more charge

    It’s a great product, but it says the charge will last a few days but it dies after about a day and a half.I absolutely love this device! It is wonderful and gets me motivated to move more! The only thing I would change is the battery power, but honestly for the price I think it is great! It last a day and a half to 2 days, not the week it said, but that is probably because it is connected to Bluetooth. It is very easy to use and syncs to my phone in less than 10 seconds when I open the app. I love the sleep tracking and the step count. I bump it sometimes and accidentally set it to workout mode but I believe that is only because I am kind of a klutz. I highly recommend this product! And to top it off I love the purple color of the band.

    Excellent inexpensive waterproof fitness tracker and watch!

    Great Activity tracker for the price.The small wristband houses the USB charger, you pull the strap off the main watch and plug the body of the device into a USB port.The Tracker says it monitors your steps, heart rate, sleep quality and duration.Its splash proof and dust/dirt proof - so while you can't wear it swimming, it will survive the usual rigours of daily life.Having worn it for over ten days on one charge, it's got a great battery life. It syncs very quickly with the smartphone app, that was easy to find and install. There's an alarm function, a movement reminder and it's supposed to notify you of messages and calls from your phone on your wrist.Now for the downsides: The sleep tracker isn't especially accurate, some nights it has me not sleeping at all, when I've had a good eight hours.The heart rate tracker isn't always on, you have to go to the heart rate screen and it'll then take a measurement. The step counter isn't too accurate either - although it's a great reminder to keep moving more. I think it might be the age of the smartphone it's connected to (galaxy s6) but the notifications don't work.Overall, I'd definitely recommend this as a beginners tracker, well worth getting if you're not sure you're going to get use out of a more expensive one!

    Good watch and step tracker

    I purchased this as a simple watch, but the other features are very reliable The strap supports a wide size range in wrists and is very comfortable to wear. The activity modes are not automatically detected like FitBits do, you have to select walking, running before the activity starts. The sleep monitoring has a very small "awake" window, which means that if you spend more than a few minutes awake, it thinks that's the end of the night cycle. The heartbeat monitor is spot on, but only when it is the active mode on the device. The step counter is the best feature on this device.Overall it is a watch that I can configure with my phone. It also would received the notifications from my phone.

    Great features, great color, great price

    I wanted to wait a few weeks before writing a review because I know how some gadgets have the tendency to work fine at first and then quickly deteriorate. Not so with the Letsfit tracker. I bought one for my 12 year old daughter to replace the expensive fitness band I gave her that I won in a raffle. She used that a few weeks until she lost it. She claims it fell off her wrist, which is probably true since she has a small wrist. That fact is one of the reasons I really like the Letsfit; the band is small enough to fit her wrist without the extra band sticking out in annoying manner. She loves the mint green color as well. Those are two important points for her before we even go into the functionality. First off, I love the fact that it is a watch. Since she doesn’t have a cellphone and I could never get her interested in a regular watch, this is the only way I can get her to wear a watch. Other than the watch, the only feature she really cares about is the steps, which she tracks faithfully.I ended up buying a second one for my wife, who also has a small wrist and loves the fit of hers. She also love the deep purple color, which is more stylish than black but not too outrageous or childish of a color. My wife also appreciates the ease of charging – no messing around looking for cables, which never stay in one place in our home. Additionally, she is seeing the charge lasing over a week. Only drawback on the watch she reports is that it is not super bright outside. Once summer is over, that probably won’t be a problem where we live. Overall, we are very happy with the two we’ve bought and they are getting lots of use.

    Fits the tiniest wrists!

    We bought this 2 months ago for our daughter who has a very tiny wrist and it fits her perfectly! We hooked it up to the app on my husband's phone since she doesn't have a smart phone. We like the step counter and now she can track how much exercise she's getting. We did find that it tracks steps while she practices the piano, I guess the rapid movement of her arms moving up and down the piano keys was making it track steps, so I don't think it's entirely accurate on the steps. She just takes the tracker off now when she practices the piano. We did find it was really hard to get the strap off the very first time, but after that we've gotten the hang of doing it. We also love how the strap fits her very tiny petite wrists, it's perfect for a child and an adult.

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