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Green Superfood Multi-Vitamin - 30 Servings

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  • Product Dimensions: 1" x 1" x 1" 7.4oz.
  • Crafted with 7 alkalizing farm fresh greens. Hydrating coconut water.
  • Packed with 15+ vitamins and minerals.
  • Add one scoop with 8oz or more of water, juice, or smoothie.
  • 30 servings. 7.4-ounces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Has everything i need and tastes great

This can go in smoothies in the blender but if you just want to stir some into a glass of water, it dissolves well, so I love that about it. Has a lot of vitamins and green, gives me a nice feeling when I drink it. It is sweet, tastes like pineapple. Would be nice if it were a little cheaper but I like it so much I'm buying it anyway.


I had been looking for a multivitamin that has everything and found this one. It worked on my body subtly by keeping me regulated and immune to my environments. It tastes like pineapple, so good. I mix it with my smoothies or with juice and I accompany it with matcha. I drink this in the morning at work while everyone else drinks the free coffee (no judgement!...ok slight judgement :) I noticed that my normal hayfever allergies never happened this spring time season and this is amazing for me. Everyone else was suffering from allergies but me! I'm only sad that it doesnt come by the pound.

Good flavor when mixed with the right juice and increased energy

I have so much more energy since starting this and this flavor is excellent shaken up in a cup of Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost or Green Goodness. You DO need to use a shaker as it just doesn't desolver by stirring--but there's no need to mess up a blender just for this. Not being much of a breakfast person, I now have one of these in the morning instead. I've only tried this and the chocolate flavor (not a fan) but intend to try some other flavors eventually and will write reviews of those separately. I can't say that it's helped with my irregularity but for a general increase in energy even with my severe insomnia--it really helps me feel motivated to get my morning work done.

Great find! My start to every morning.

I have been taking this powder supplement for about 6 months or so. I can't swallow pills, so I have tried all the alternatives. Gummi especially, chewables and liquids. I already loved their wheatgrass powder and when I found out they had a multivitamin I was in. I pour a little bit of juice in a cup stir well and chug it down every morning. It is super fine, I don't even notice the consistency change. Or sometimes I mix into my morning smoothie. It's a great start to the day

Immune, Energy, and Focus Boost! So far so good!

Flavor is pretty good but a little odd. I would prefer a plain or chocolate option. Maybe even a lemon option, while I like pineapple, it doesn't quite taste right. Even though I couldn't entirely tell you why. Might be slight slight artificial sweetner or something in the flavoring compounds. It is a slight aftertaste. Mixing with 2.5oz almond milk, blue matcha, and .5oz creamer. Only had it once this morning so far.I definitely noticed a boost in immune health, as well as, energy and focus without a crash or low after awhile. I am happy, only thing would be the flavor option I would prefer almost any other option lol. I always choose a chocolate or vanilla option when I buy powders before I choose fruity flavors.

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