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Vibrating Foam Roller - Blue - 5 Speeds

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    • ACTIVATE MUSCLES, INCREASE CIRCULATION AND REDUCE PAIN:  Whether its pain or stiffness in your legs, back, shoulders, or arms, the revolutionary technology is designed to work as an all in one performance machine that will keep you firing on all cylinders and performing at your best, or to quickly get you back in the game after an injury.
    • TOP-RATED 5-SPEED PROFESSIONAL GRADE VIBRATING FOAM ROLLER: The vibrating foam roller is powered with an industry-leading 5 powerful professional-grade speeds so you can customize your experience based on your fitness level, muscle soreness, flexibility, and recovery needs. 
    • MASSAGE THERAPY BREAKTHROUGH: The roller combines compression therapy with cutting-edge vibration massage technology to deliver a revolutionary new treatment directly to sore muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Use it before and after playing sports, weightlifting, yoga, dance, running, or any other exercise and cut your recovery time in half.
    • PORTABLE, RECHARGEABLE, and BUILT TO LAST: The powerful roller measures 6" by 12" and weighs about 3-pounds, making it easy to use anywhere. Made from fitness favorite eco-friendly EPP material, the roller has the perfect balance of strength and comfort. It can hold a charge up to 8-hours and will never leave you stranded. There is a dedicated USB power bank to charge your phone and power your speakers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Effective and Relieving

    Reviewing as a group fitness instructor this Quake foam roller is fabulous. It has different levels of intensity to apply to various parts of one’s body. This sets it apart from all the other foam rollers on the market. I promote and use the Quake on a daily basis.I’m even buying a few as gifts for the Holidays. The gift of health and well being that will last a lifetime. Don’t hesitate you will love the results!

    Michael H
    Wow, great device!!

    I was looking for a product to get me back into the a regular workout regimen and the quake 5 was my answer. I highly recommend this durable product for the everyday gym rat or the novice that wants a quick bounce back. Grab one for your New Years workout resolution !!

    Matthew D. Duffield
    It’s awesome

    Love everything about it

    Jim Schiller
    Awesome product

    Better than expected. I have some deep tissue areas that this works well on.

    lori iuppenlatz
    Best roller ever!

    I've been rolling for years but this is the best one! 1/2 the time and double the results. I've never had any benefit from rolling my calves with a foam roller but the Quake is amazing! I can't get it awy from my roommate and her boyfriend. I'm trying to get them to buy their own!

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