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Waist Trainer Belt - Medium

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  • Please Note: Size L Fits Waistline 31"-34"
  • Good fabric and quality: This weight loss belt is comfortable, adjustable, stretchy fabric, and 100% latex-free 4.0mm neoprene stretchy fabric, which means it is easy to clean and it fits your body, and will not pinch or irritate your skin. This waist trimmer has a double-adjustment hook and loop adjustment for sizing accuracy and a mesh backing for breathability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dr. C
Works well, makes you sweat, gives a smooth outline under those clothes

I am 5 foot two 150 pounds. I ordered a medium first, but had to return it, it was too long and too tall. I exchanged it for a small which fits much better. It is very comfortable, and boy does it make me sweat on my abdomen. So far so good I’ve had it one day. I hope it lasts, I paid $28 for it. I expectthat should last at least eight weeks before I have to replace it. UPDATE**- I worked for eight hours the first day and it gave me a blistered rash from the neoprene. My friend wore hers and she got a rash. Our abdomen smell just like the chemical of the Neoprene. We’re going to wash them tonight and shampoo and dry them and try again I will update. UPDATE; my friend and I have figured out that this is one of the best trainers on the market. But you MUST wipe the chemicals from the inside before you wear it very very well. The second one we scrubbed and rinsed and washed before we wore it and we did not get the rash. So overall if you wash it down first, this is the best waist trainer on the market

Great product, especially for c-section mama’s looking to reduce the pooch! �

I was little skeptical about buying a product such as this. But after 2 c-sections, and terrible eating habits, my tum has gotten out of control. I ordered a large, I’m 5ft 4in, 198lbs. When it first came in I thought it wouldn’t fit, but it does have a good stretch, so it did fit perfectly. I also have a very long waist, and the length fit perfectly which is a hard thing to achieve for me. I wear it for 2 hours a day while working around the house, and it makes me sweat!! I can actually see and feel the difference after every use. And it has fantastic lower back support, which is great for house work.For the mamas: If your bladder was ruined by your babies, like mine has, be prepared to pee your pants if you sneeze. There is no avoiding it. I wear my wrap with the bottom right at my c-section scar, as this is where the post pregnancy pooch starts (Bikini line incision), and it’s very comfortable in this position. I’m very excited to see the results with a healthy diet and exercise. You won’t be disappointed.

Perfect! Definitely Recommend

I've tried another brand that sells a similar product and it was garbage. You can tell I was wearing the wrap under my baggy shirt and it did not cover my whole ab region. I saw this product and read the reviews and decided to try this type of product again. It is amazing! Nothing like the previous item I bought. You can tell its made from high-quality material when you first put it on. I wear this for a few hours a day - either doing housework or walking the dog and I fully believe it is helping slim my ab area. Disclaimer: I am doing intermittent fasting, dieting, and working out, in addition, to wearing this so I can't say the results I am seeing are from the wrap alone. I especially like the bungee strap that fastened after the main wrap is on; it adds an extra bit of support. The only complaint I have about it is my back will ache from sitting with it on - for example, if I went to the store and I am driving in my car - I notice an ache when I am driving for some reason. I am not saying it is caused by this because I have backaches often without the wrap but every time I have the wrap on, my back also hurts when sitting. Also, as with any velcro patch, pets and human hair gets caught on the hook side and its a pain to clean out, FYSA. I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking to add an extra umph to their weight loss routine. I am a 5' 9" female, 185 lbs, and I ordered a medium in this wrap and it fits perfectly. I don't think you will want a loose one considering this item needs to have a snug fit.

Great velcro power.

Velcro quality is very important. I’m looking for a heavy duty Velcro and so far with 1 month of use the waist trainer is still maintaining its power. The waist trainer itself is of heavy duty quality. Holds waist firmly. Helps to stabilize back and waist with sit-ups and other workouts. I tried the sweat belt and after 2 years of use the poor thing lost its elasticity and Velcro power so I needed a replacement.


So I have pro's and cons about this.Pros:It does what it says. It makes you sweatIts comfortableIt is sturdyCons:I am not the biggest fan of the elastic waist part...it looks weird on meIt isnt very long in the torso areaOverall I love the product. I wear it when I go to the gym under my workout outfit. I also use it with a heating gel and at the end of my workout I am pouring sweat... which I love because it makes me feel good to sweat.. I would recommend it. The price is fair and it is an overall good product.

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