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Workout Enhancer Gel - 4oz

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    • FAST-ACTING: Maximum strength formula powered by TopiSorbTM Technology: Enhances your workout or training session by improving thermogenic activity giving you a better sweat.
    • SOOTHES & RELAXES MUSCLE: Activated by your elevated heart rate - does not contain skin burning ingredients. Comfortable targeted heat that makes your exercise feel great. A warm soothing feel relaxes muscles and helps reduce pain and quicken recovery time.
    • EASY TO APPLY: Gel keeps it from running. It will not ruin your clothes.
    • ADVANCED WORKOUT ENHANCER: Gently massage slimming cream into legs, stomach, belly, and arms areas, natural formula of this fitness gel help to lose excess water and slim down your belly quicker, so as to enhance your workout.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Love this stuff

    I have bought a second bottle.. I used the first one a year ago and never gave an honest review.. before I purchased this bottle the second time I ordered sweet sweat to try something different.. that stuff is awful.. it’s greasy and stains clothes.. not sure how that stuff sells.. This Lipo 6 honestly targets stubborn fat areas.. as a mom of 3, I struggle with belly fat.. especially the lower belly area.. one week in & I am loving the results.. also, this time around I am using it on the back of my legs to help with cellulite.. also, I am dry brushing.. This stuff is HOT which is what makes it work.. if you go to an esthetician they use heat to remove fat and one visit is like $250.. i highly recommend this product...

    Really worksss

    It's great! The first time I used it I was super scared and thought I needed to go to the hospital because my stomach was burning so bad. I wish I would have followed the directions that said to use a little bit. Lmao. I used a ton... and laid in bed scared for my life. Lmao. Works great. Follow directions!

    seems to work so far

    Totally works. i put too much the first time so got little irritated my skin but been applying the instructed amount now and seems to work well see how long before i see changes right now just skin seems less wabbly

    Feel the burn �

    OMG this product is awesome, I have never used something so powerful. I usually use it before working out and you literally fell the burn! 10/10 recommend.

    Great stuff!

    Works fast too

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