Retiring isn't for everyone!

The Lou of “” is not a spring chicken, but he hates sitting around so he’s started a new line of unique, one-of-kind, unique stylish designs for his T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, apparel and jewelry collections. We have started out with four collections, “Brainiacs Central,” for those with a heady approach to life; the "La-La-Latino,” collection for the many people of Spanish heritage: Our “Cat Lovers,” collection is totally charming and dedicated to those who love our independent furry friends, and, last but not least our “Iconic Movie Quotes,” collections for our dedicated videophiles…and we have many more coming right behind them.

Founder of Lousgreatstuff says “I've always been a creator, whether it's starting new businesses, projects, writing, painting, I've always gotten into things that that interested me, which has led me down many varied and sundry paths.” Here's his bio if you want to take a look. This Shopify business interested me, and to keep from going crazy, I needed a Covid Project, hence In the last several years, I have been fooling around with a lot of online projects and decided that this is the one that interested me most and the  best one to put my energy into--creating great stuff to for people to enjoy.” 

We are a startup company and look forward to some quick growth. We will be quickly adding to the site. We want it to be interesting, unique and of course fun to visit so that you will come back to see what we are up to.

Our T-shirts, apparel, mugs and jewelry express a casual laid back approach to life. Something we all need more of in these stressful times. If you like what we're doing please tell your friends about us. Pin us on Pinterest, “like us” on Facebook. We appreciate the help in getting the word out…and of course, buy something to pamper yourself and make your friends, family and even strangers smile. God knows, we need more of those.

Hang in there. 2020 is almost over.