Glad You're Here!

Welcome. We are very excited about our new Shopify store which offers unique and original designs on apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, jewelry and more!

We've worked hard on and supplied it with lots of great T-shirts, mugs and gift ideas to bring a smile to you, your friends and family.

Right now, we start off with our "Brainiac Collection" for you high techies,  our La-La-Latino for our Spanish heritage friends, Crazy Cat Lovers for the owners of those lovable furry creatureand Iconic Movie Quotes for you addicted videophiles.. For you romantic men who want to impress your ladies we give you Love Notes , very romantic message cards with love quotes and accompanying silver or gold necklaces. Your girl will definitely be showering you with some affection once she receives on of these. All of our designs are created by our staff on all our products.

We will be continually adding new collections and items . This is just the beginning so you should so we can keep you informed on new items and new deals.

And... all of our products are made and shipped from the good ole US of A.