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Exercise Ball - Gray - Medium

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  • Anti-burst - Made with thick and durable materials. We put your safety as a top priority during manufacturing. Rated up to 2,000 pounds.
  • Slip-resistant - Commercial grade material provides an excellent slip resistant experience while caring for your safety
  • Easy to clean - our fitness ball is easy to clean with just a soft damp cloth. Most important, Our fitness ball is phthalates free and doesn't contain any heavy metal elements
  • Extras - A free foot-pump is included. Size options - 38-45cm (S), 48-55cm (M), 58-65cm (L), 68-75cm (XL), 78-85cm (XXL).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
melody messano
Strongly recommen this !!

I have 2 Large boxer Dogs,they love Balls.I would buy them a ball and within 5 min its busted.I bought this one because it is Anti Burst and let me tell you my dogs play ruff and this ball can take it. They cant wait to go out and play it is their new favorite ball .

Works wonders for back pain!

This ball has been such a relief to my back pain! I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and I been using this ball for two weeks now, and the healing it’s done for me so far has been amazing.I make sure to use it at least once every day, if not more. While sitting on it it instantly takes the pressure off your back, and if you incorporate hip movements/workouts it works wonders for that hip pain as well.I’m 5,4 and I purchased the L ball. It gives me that perfect 90 degree angle at the knees.I definitely recommend to anyone who is pregnant! I’m also sure that I will continue to use the ball post-pregnancy to get my pre-baby shape back ASAP.

Excellent quality

Pretty color. bounces like a champ.This is my first ball. I did a ton of research reading reviews and materials information and my goal was safety and no smell!! I'm happy to report there is no odor whatsoever. The material is very aesthetically pleasing in the purple colour.It came with 3 plugs, a plug remover and foot pump.

Feels very durable. Pumps up to listed size-easy to achieve with included measuring (paper) tape!

Just arrived today so I didn’t rate the pain relief. Overall feels very durable so I’m quite comfortable it will provide me with the pain relief I got from using the stability ball at PT. I included a picture for size reference against my couch (bonus two models in the background). The blue one is a cheap one I got from a dollar store. I bought the 75 cm from here so I could perform my home PT exercises that require me to sit on a stability ball. I’m glad it came with a paper measuring tape because before I put that to use I had it pumped up and it seemed pretty firm but was only slightly bigger than my other (pictured) ball. I then used the paper measuring tape (holding it in place with the pump and provided holes) and it continued to fill with air ultimately getting to listed size. I’m 5’6 and most of my height comes from my legs. I could probably get away with letting some air out because if I sit on the center of the ball I can only touch the floor with my tip toes! Perfect size ball for all my exercises designed to strengthen my (lower) back.I took one star away for “easy to inflate” only because the included pump takes a little bit and I had to switch from using my feet to my hands and back and forth. Definitely a bit of a workout but that’s why I bought the ball, right ?

Connie Applegate
More of a coral color, red when lit

Ball is great, wanted red but got this more coral pink color... as it turned out color was fine lit up...worked great for it’s unintended for use as an ornament, very pleased!!!

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