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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - 8.7"-16.5"

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    • Fast & Reliable Readings: Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor equipped with stable algorithms and a chip to provide the most reliable reading. 
    • Large Display Screen & Voice Broadcast: Large LCD screen display and 30 tilt angle design allows elders to easily read the blood pressure result, and the smart voice broadcast can speak the result to people who have poor vision (Talk function can be turned off).
    • 2 Users Mode x 99 Memory: Allows 2 users available in one device simultaneously of 99 sets memory. Track the average last 3-readings for optimal reliable reading as well as detecting irregular heartbeat. Makes it easier to observe historical data and monitor your health.
    • One-Touch Operation: Simply press the power button to measure your blood pressure and heart rate. It will tell you if your blood pressure and heart rate are in a normal range. 
    • What You Get: 1* Blood pressure monitor, 1* Arm band, 1*USB cable (No Battery & AC adapter), and 1* manual.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    This BP cuff works great! It runs off both USB power and triple A batterys. The speaker is a little loud to use at night, but the speaker can be muted with ease. All in all, a good buy

    Works great

    I like the accuracy and how easy to use it us. I got it for work and I dislike that I didn't thoroughly read about it before purchasing. I wanted one that I could recharge and didn't have to keep plugged up if I decided not to use the batteries. The machine works great just not what I wanted.

    Great bargain

    I received the blood pressure machine and it works super. It displays easy and the machine does all the work for you. It also speaks your pressure aloud and tells you if your blood pressure is high, low or normal along with giving you your pulse/ heart rate. It does run on batteries or you can use the usb plug in just add an electrical block or use on anything that has the port to get your readings.

    A very nice, inexpensive unit that talks.

    I really liked this unit, but I returned this unit on suspicion that the readings were not accurate.I would’ve preferred to have my wife take this unit to our health care provider in order to do a side by side comparison- but trying to get an in office bp measurement from Kaiser isridiculously complicated during these Covid-19 days.I purchased another unit from Rite-Aid, and like this unit, initially, the readings appear to be accurate. The Rite Aid unit doesn’t talk, and it was >$60.00

    Great Little Machine For A Big Job

    I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this little machine. Once I figured out how to set it, it did a big job keeping me in check with my bp! The voice, yes it talks, is eerily reassuring as it gives commands, tells you your results and wishes you good health! The monitor is huge, you won't need your readers to see your numbers and it does store readings. I haven't tried storing my results to my computer, yet. So far so good. I plan to take it with me to my doctor's to compare. However, I think it's pretty accurate. As I said, great little machine for a big job!

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