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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - 4.9" x 3.7" x 2"

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    • USER FRIENDLY: Enjoy a clear visual experience with the large LCD screen and the oversized numbers, which allows users to view the results quickly and easily. One button operation, no technique required, and one can operate individually.
    • 2 USERS &1000 SETS MEMORY: Our blood pressure monitor supports 2 users and stores memory records up to 500 sets each with date/time. No need to clear the memories regularly, you can track and compare the historical records of a long period.
    • ACCURATE AND RELIABLE: Certificated accuracy and clinical validation, we test each device separately and check their accuracy again to ensure you get the most accurate readings, include blood pressure data, pulse rate, and irregular heartbeat detector.
    • ADJUSTABLE LARGER CUFF: Fits for both standard and large arms with a  circumference of 9"-17"
    • PORTABLE: Portable BP monitor 4.9" x 3.7" x 2", AC adapter (not included) powered, comes with a carrying bag, this full set is ready to use and convenient for you to take anywhere.

    Customer Reviews

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    Grab one for the older!

    Large numbers on display. VERY EASY to use, pop in the battery come with the little package, connect the hose, you are ready to go!Oh, not to mention it also come with a nice travel bag.Overall, I highly recommend it!Nice to have one in hand, if you worry about your blood pressure levels.

    easy to use

    This blood pressure monitor cuff fits different arms sizes comfortably. To use, wrap the cuff around your upper arm with the hose on the inside of your elbow. Push start and don't move. When finished, the cuff shows your pulse and your blood pressure. The results can be saved if you wish.

    User friendly

    I'm checking my blood pressure daily and used wrist arm monitor before. But my doctor told me wrist monitor has inaccurate readings. So I decided to try upper arm monitor. This product is very easy to use and accurate. I have a small arm and this cuff is easy to manage. Many cuffs are too large and hard for me to manage and get an accurate reading. It can be used with batteries or AC adapter (both is not included).

    Simple & Accurate

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I love this BPM because it is simple to use. Large and clear LCD screen. But, most importantly accurate!!!Has a memory feature to for up to 2 users. This product deserves 5 stars. Use it and love it.If you found this review beneficial, please hit the ‘helpful’ tab below:-)Thank you

    Easy to use, decent quality

    Bought this for my aunt, she loves it! She used to own another brand but after years it stopped working. This one is really easy to set up and use. Just insert batteries and it's ready to go.The build quality felt like on par with other big brands on market at this price range it seems unbeatable.highly recommend!

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