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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - 8.7" - 15.7"

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    • Measure both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings as well as pulse rate readings with an irregular heart indicator.
    • 2 User's measurement reading storage with date and time. To monitor, track, and store 2 Users readings separately. Also averages the last 3 values for more precise measurement.
    • Cuff for Upper Arm circumference 8.7" to 15.7". A diagrammatic drawing on the cuff makes it easy to wrap. The cuff self-checking and movement error indicator help you measure in the right way.
    • The display with WHO classification gives you a detailed reading of blood pressure and tells if your blood pressure level is in a normal range.
    • Package Contents: 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x Cuff, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Instruction Manual. (No Battery & AC adapter) USB/4 AAA Batteries Powered.  60-seconds automatically turn off.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Kamal Thapa
    Read User's Manual Carefully

    In the beginning, its readings were not accurate as I was not giving too much attention to the user's manual. After this, I read the user's manual carefully, especially reading section 5.3 and picture-06, I figured out how to fit the cuff properly. Now, it is giving consistent readings.It has a large display for easy reading. Also, it is easy to use.

    Quiet, seems accurate and love the USB connection

    This replaces a different one I used to monitor BP as I am trying BP lowering meds. The other one beeped as is worked. This one is quiet and I can use it at my desk at work without anyone hearing. Seems to be accurate. The USB connection means I don't need to worry about accuracy due to weak batteries.

    The Lady Wolf
    Easy to Use with UPDATES

    I am having problems keeping my high blood pressure under control. I am under the close supervision of my doctor. And my wrist blood pressure checker was +10 years old and cheap. I wanted a better monitor so I won't have to go to my doctor's office too often, just to get my blood pressure checked.Mind you, I haven't had a chance to take my new blood pressure monitor to my doctor to see if it's accurate. I will do that in about a week. I will update this feedback once I know if it's accurate or not.UPDATE: My doctor tested it and it was 14 points difference between theirs and this one. He said it's not too bad. My husband took it to ask his doctor too. Turned out to be between 5-10 points off. So it's not ACCURATE but both doctors think it's decent for home use and recommended us to keep using it.My concern is the pressure hose can easily pop out, so I try to remind myself to make sure it's secure before using it.

    Compact Product at a Great Price

    I have been looking for a compact blood pressure arm cuff monitor for home use. This is a great product at a fantastic price to boot! The product arrived promptly after I placed the order. This is very easy to use, simply place the cuff on your arm, and press the start button. It has a large LCD display screen which shows blood pressure result, heart rate, date and time in large numbers so it's easy to read. This kit has the option of using either batteries (4 x AAA) or a USB charger.

    D Thies
    Nice Blood Pressure Monitor

    Before I bought this CAZON model, I had another blood pressure monitor (BPM) model for 15+ years....i.e., I am no rookie at using a BPM. This CAZON model is simple to use, quick (when using the AAA batteries), and seems accurate to me, although I haven't checked it at a doctor's office. I also like the memory feature used to store previous readings. If you need a BPM in your home, I recommend this one. (I've used this CAZON model for a month.)

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