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Waist Trainer Belt - X-Large

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  • Good fabric and quality: This weight loss belt is comfortable, adjustable, stretchy fabric, and 100% latex-free neoprene stretchy fabric, which means it is easy to clean and it fits your body, and will not pinch or irritate your skin. This waist trimmer has a double-adjustment hook and loop adjustment for sizing accuracy and a mesh backing for breathability.
  • Efficient Hourglass Body Shaper - Instantly shapes your body into an hourglass figure. Sculpts 4-8" from your waistline. Combine the continuous use with a healthy lean diet, exercise, and drink plenty of water for extraordinary results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jalisa Taylor

One we write reviews but sis, this waist trainer !!!!! Let me tell you, are used to use the late text ones and they hurt after a few hours this I literally can wear all day !!! I work two jobs and I can breathe perfectly and move perfectly in this waist trainer, I wear it through my 12 hours of working each day I waited about a week to break it in so I can give an honest review. My stomach is getting trimmer and it curves my appetite a lot. I love it!

A winner!

Once I put it on correctly holy moly did it take a lot of pressure off my back! when I sat, I it instantly set up straight and alleviated my lower back pain. It is very adjustable I think the object is to get the small velcros overlap but that's not happening right now that's my goal!! I could wear it for about 3 hours and I had to take it off. Will slowly work up to a full 8hr work day, while I'm working from home. Keep me from eating all the snacks. Will definitely work out in it!

Best waist trainer

I absolutely love this waist trainer! I needed to size down cause I slimmed down a bit. I measured myself and ordered based on that. Fits perfect. I’m more on the petite side so some waist trainers dig into my ribs and are uncomfortable. This is perfect. Covers all the area you need from your hips up. It’s not uncomfortable as many trainers are. I wear it for working out and it does increase sweating. It’s also very comfortable to wear while working out. If you’re hesitant, just buy it cause you won’t regret it!

Excellent quality

This waist trainer is high quality and sturdy. I'm sure it will hold up for quite a long time! For those saying it fits small: it's a waist trainer, it's supposed to. The fit is exactly what it is meant to be.For reference: I'm 5'4 and 115 pounds and the small fits snugly. I'm sure it would still fit if I were to lose or gain a few pounds as well.I would definitely recommend Camellias to others! Honestly I am just so impressed with the quality and so pleased with how reasonably priced my waist trainer was.


I couldn’t decide between the two options so I bought both. They are both comfortable, the regular one is a little wider in width and overall is the one I kept as the “back lumbar support” felt like it could cause a rash if I used it to work out in. Top in picture is the “back lumbar support” bottom is the regular one

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